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Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkin Spice

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6mm and 8mm semi-precious stone bracelet made of matte orange aventurine, rose gold hematite, goldstone as well as white turquoise.

Great to comfort you and brighten up your fall days!


The aventurine brings us inner tranquility and dissolves melancholy. It strengthens self-control in addition to making its owner generous and loyal. It can solve problems related to the heart. Useful for the timid and those who tend to let themselves be dominated by others, aventurine promotes freedom of thought. Stone of well-being and confidence in its real potential. The aventurine will be perfect to help you solve all your skin problems, dandruff as well as to slow down hair loss.


It is a stone of friendship, internal energy, joy, cheerfulness. It diffuses vitality and good humor, facilitates bodily expression. From a physical point of view, goldstone will have a very purifying effect on the blood and the heart. This stone facilitates concentration. In chromotherapy, its indigo color has several powers. It will have anesthetic virtues for headaches, toothaches. In addition, it will have a positive influence on your sight, hearing and smell.


Hematite is ideal for combating fatigue. It stimulates concentration, memory, provides vitality and dynamism. In addition, this stone transmits energy, courage and determination in difficult times. It allows you to listen to yourself and others in order to better identify what is wrong. Perfect for reducing the shyness of women. It increases self-confidence, soothes and distresses the wearer. It has a positive effect on convalescence. Also effective against anemia

Sophistikate Bracelet

 * There may be a slight difference in color on some beads since they are natural stones. *